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Similar Products

Product page recommendation panel

Show your customers products similar to the ones they are browsing. Recommendify processes your product data to discover similarities, then recommends similar items to your customers so they can quickly navigate your store and home in on exactly what they want.

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Customers Also Bought

Cart page recommendation panel

Show your customers products they might want based on the contents of their cart. Recommendify mines your order history for purchasing patterns and identifies products that are frequently bought together. When a customer visits their shopping cart, the system makes recommendations based on what other customers bought.

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Top Sellers

Best selling products recommendation panel

Show your customers products that have sold well over the last month, to help them find out what's hot right now. This panel can be placed on any page, but we think it works particularly well on the home page.

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Recent Products

Recently viewed products recommendation panel

Show your customers the products they have recently viewed, so they can quickly and easily return to interesting items. This panel can be placed on any page.

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Store Dashboard

Track clicks and conversions

See clicks on recommendations over time and track the total value of conversions so that you always know how much value Recommendify is adding to your store. The dashboard area also includes clear and extensive documentation to help you integrate the app with your theme.

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"A really great app, simple to set up and personalise. Easy to use dashboard that is having new features added. And amazing support - a definite recommendation :)"

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"I recommend this app over all the other recommended product apps out there, nothing compares!"


"Recommendify has been really excellent for us, it works quickly, doesn't slow down page loads, and the support has been excellent too."

Wallace and Gromit Charity Shop

"This is the one! I have tried out many recommendation apps in the Shopify app store but this one is absolutely bang-on."

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